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Markham Baptist Church

What are the needs? 


Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and one of the world's few remaining communist states.  The police state is a country defined by many economic challenges, due to mismanagement and U.S. sanctions that economically isolate the island.  The COVID-19 pandemic has further thrown the country into one of the worst food shortages in nearly 25 years due to the restrictions on travel and tourism which have destroyed the economy, according to the New York Times.  The local churches in Cuba are significantly affected by these unique challenges as well, and a great need the church faces in Cuba is access to training and education, both formal and informal. 

How will your raised funds be used? 


Your raised funds will provide food baskets to help feed families in need especially due to COVID-19, and will also support training and theological education, including sponsoring pastors to study theology at the seminary in Matanzas.  Funding also provides informal workshops and theological retreats throughout the year, though on pause during the pandemic.  Entire church communities are discipled through the Certificate of Interdisciplinary Theological Education (CETI) program as well.  The impact of this training is significant, as training leaders has turned out to be one of the most effective ways to impact communities. 

What’s being done to help? 


CBM partners with the Fraternidad de Iglesias de Bautiste de Cuba (FIBAC), which includes around 43 Baptist churches across the island.  FIBAC is empowering communities through the Church Empowerment project, to live out the gospel in word and deed, providing spiritual care as concerns about finances, isolation, and health are on the rise.  During the pandemic, FIBAC has also continued to communicate and share resources via telephone, e-mail and social networks with some churches that FIBAC is serving. 

Investing in Leaders  

Coralia is a single mother with two sons from Sancti Spíritus, in central Cuba.  She runs a small business with which she supports her children, and is also the local coordinator of the liturgy ministry and dance teacher at her church.  Through the support of the Church Empowerment project, Coralia receives instruction, books and resources for theological and pastoral biblical formation from FIBAC.  She participates in the formative meetings that are offered, and uses what she learns in her church.  Coralia shares, 

I was born again when I began to participate in the courses and workshops that FIBAC gives, thanks to the support of CBM. I realized that this was my home, my place; I have been able to make a connection with my secular work, my work in the church, the Christian formation of my children - that is to say, my life, thanks to all the training I receive." 

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